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Friendly beauty tips:

For my brides (and all clients too): here are a few things I have learned along the years of my career...

-Get any facial work done at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding, this helps avoid an allergic reaction or any skin peeling that may occur

-If you plan on getting any waxing please do so 2 weeks before. For laser, Botox or any injections you may get allow 4-6 weeks for healing purposes

-Stay hydrated!! It makes your skin look dewy and helps with keeping your skin soft and smooth : ) 

-Cold tea bags (green is my favorite) are a great remedy for dark circles and puffiness. Steep tea bags for a few minutes, place on a plate and put in fridge for 20mins, then squeeze out excess H2O and place on your eyes for 15-20 mins, rinse and cleanse your face and be amazed! 

-Spray tanning is great...I do recommend getting this done 2-3 days before just so you look a tad more "fresh/natural" also doing so a few days before will give you enough time to fix anything if need be. I do recommend getting your face "lightly misted" just so you have that underlying pigment to match with the rest of your body

-For your hair color or highlights, book 1-2 weeks before the wedding date. That way your hair looks more "natural" as well (for photography purposes), also just in case something goes wrong or it turned out too dark or light, you have time to fix it : )